The Gulf of Maine Marine Education Association (GOMMEA) is a network of scientists and educators spread across Northern New England and the Canadian Maritimes. We connect you to information and friendships that show you new and exciting things about the Gulf of Maine and its watershed to which we are all connected.


Join GOMMEA to be inspired and learn from local experts, get behind-the-scenes tours and discover what is happening in marine science and education in the Gulf of Maine region.

With your membership, you’ll get:
★ Newsletters that fill you in on events, potential project partners, educational resources, and more 
★ Alerts and discounts for GOMMEA events which include both networking and learning opportunities including Annual Meetings focused on relevant issues, field trips and tours, workshops, and lectures
★ A discount to join the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) and all the benefits they offer
★ To be a part of the GOMMEA community

In addition, business membership also includes:
★ Exposure on our website, in monthly newsletter, and social media pages
★ Membership for up to 3 representatives


If you are currently a member, you can renew your membership by logging into your account at Once you are signed in there, it will bring you to your account page. Select “SUBSCRIPTIONS” from the top to see details about your membership and then click “RENEW” to join for another year.


In our newsletters, we recognize our amazing business members and their role in connecting people to the Gulf of Maine as well as promoting conservation and protection of this critical marine ecosystem. We will also highlight them here, and share special discounts for GOMMEA members!

BAR HARBOR WHALE WATCH CO – GOMMEA Members receive $10 off per adult ticket on all boat cruises. To use this discount and reserve for a boat cruise, contact them by email
COAST ENCOUNTERS – GOMMEA Members receive 10% discount for GOMMEA members on Tidepooling Adventures. Visit their website for contact information.