GOMMEA Annual Meeting 2020

November 5, 2020
If you missed the GOMMEA Annual Meeting on October 23, or if the narrated photographic tour of Underwater in the Gulf of Maine was just that good that you want to see it again (it is!), you can watch it on the GOMMEA website!

Click here to watch Andrew Martinez’ presentation. Many thanks to Andy for speaking with us and for allowing post-event viewing for our members!

This year at our Annual Meeting our members approved a new slate of Board of Directors, which marked the end of board service for several board members, thanked here in alphabetical order:
  • Sara Ellis has been GOMMEA’s Treasurer for many terms; her organization, clarity, and follow-through will be missed, as will her laughter, joie-de-vie, and level headedness.
  • Katie Flavin’s tireless efforts to support GOMMEA events at GMRI will be remembered.
  • Elissa Koskela, who was one of the Co-Chairs for the NMEA 2019 Conference, also served as GOMMEA’s Secretary. We will miss her abilities to see details in the larger context, to find details in notes from past meetings, and to summarize complex discussions succinctly!
  • Lili (Annelise) Pugh’s contributions have been thoughtful and sincere, especially regarding improving membership processes and connections.
  • Thank you also to middle school teachers Sunny Sadana and Thom Smith, for the work that they do with students and for their curriculum contributions.
We look forward to staying in touch with all of you. As membership is open to anyone, you will all continue to be part of the GOMMEA network. 

A big thank you to Jen Kennedy for her steady leadership, organization, and listening as President for the past two years. Thank you to our new slate of officers, which includes myself, Deb Debiegun as President, Julie Taylor as President-Elect, Andrea Southworth and Melissa Luetje as Co-Secretaries, Tara Hicks-Johnson as Treasurer. I am excited to work with these officers, as well as other Directors, as we all discuss and steer GOMMEA’s direction together. I am also looking forward to the input of our three new Directors: Jessica AntonezLeia Lowery, and Dari Christenson. Welcome! You can read all the board bios here.

Together, we can connect ourselves and others to the Gulf of Maine. We can support each others’ education, conservation, research, and teaching efforts. We can share our passions to appreciate and care for a healthy Gulf of Maine.

Thank you to all members for your support! 
Thank you to all Board of Directors for all of your time!
Thank you to you for reading this!

Deb Debiegun
GOMMEA President

About the presenter

Underwater in the Gulf of Maine with Andy Martinez

Underwater photographer Andy Martinez has been diving since 1969. He began capturing his views beneath the waves just a couple years later around 1971. “I have always been interested in marine life and learning about the interactions of its plants and animals,” he said. Like many of us, his inspiration came from watching Cousteau specials.

Andy and his wife Candace are closer connected to the Massachusetts Marine Educators as they live in Massachusetts (Candace even served as MME President 1989-91), but recently joined GOMMEA to continue their work in the Gulf of Maine to “inspire young people to the wonders of the region.”

As a marine educator, you have probably picked up Andy’s popular book, Marine Life of the North Atlantic. The idea to make a field guide came during a dive trip to Quebec. He saw how interested the local divers were in marine life and that we did not have one specifically to our region. Andy and a friend originally self-published this book in 1994, but later editions were distributed by other publishers and helped to distribute the book to curious explorers throughout the country, but page limits restricted the content that was included. He and a friend then created an app,📱Marine Life – North Atlantic, so that he could upload hundreds of photos showing animal behaviors such as mating, protecting eggs, defense, and color variations. This provides viewers to better and more accurately identify species in an interactive way as they can receive notifications of plants/animals they hope to see, keep life lists automatically, record what they have seen in their outings or dives, and always have it in their pocket.

In the book and app, you’ll see more about Andy’s favorite animal – the Spiny Lumpsucker. He said that it “is a cool little fish that can be found in many colors. Sometimes while photographing it, it will jump and sit on your camera or arm and watch you. Definitely puts a smile on your face.”

Andy has spent a lot of time underwater, mostly in Cape Ann and the Bay of Fundy region, but around the world too. In the last few years, he says he has been diving in Indonesia and the Philippines. He said “the biological diversity is amazing,” and that “two years ago I was photographing humpback whales and calves in Tonga and that was very exciting to be with an animal so large and yet so graceful.”

But what is the most memorable thing he’s seen underwater in the Gulf of Maine? Andy says that, “It is hard to pick one memorable moment. There are many little moments that may not seem like a big event to some people… Watching a female Jonah Crab’s eggs hatch into larvae, coming upon walls of colorful anemones, watching a male Shanny guard its eggs, photographing a Wolffish pair in its den, or a 20lb lobster jump over me as I was lying on the bottom. But, it could be just a hermit crab going about its business. it is all like watching a full-length nature film every time.” As a diver for over 3 decades, Andy has observed a lot of change too. He noted that “fish like Scuplins and Goosefish, but also shrimp that once were common are not as common anymore. In Maine, Basket Stars and Strawberry Soft Coral were everywhere, but not now. Anemone numbers are down also.”

Want to start diving to see these creatures yourselves but not sure where to start? Andy recommends visiting your nearby dive shop – Aqua Diving Academy in ME, Atlantic Aquasport in NH, Undersea Divers in MA to name a few.

To read more about Andy and his work, please visit andrewjmartinez.com 

August 2020 News

President's Letter

Greetings! I hope your summer is going as well as possible. The GOMMEA board has continued to brainstorm member events and resources and plan our Annual Meeting, which will be held virtually on the evening of October 23 and feature the work of underwater photographer Andy Martinez. Save the date - we’ll be sending sign-up information soon!

This month’s e-blast has lots of great information on Gulf of Maine places, and helpful resources as we start to think about getting back to school (however that looks) and spending more time indoors. We are also highlighting our Business Members and what they have to offer that connects you to the Gulf of Maine.

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What's inside the August 2020 Newsletter?

⭐ Underwater in the Gulf of Maine with Andy Martinez - A Sneak Preview of the October GOMMEA Annual Meeting
⭐ Returning to school during COVID-19 - Resource recommendations to help with hybrid learning
⭐ Virtual Backgrounds - Surround yourself in the Gulf of Maine while on your next video conference
⭐ Site Spotlight: Stockman Island, Casco Bay, Maine
⭐ Business Members Spotlight: Bar Harbor Whale Watch and Coast Encounters - Discounts for members and more!
⭐Events Calendar - September Coastal Cleanup Month, October's Annual Meeting details, Ocean Discovery Day, etc.

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GOMMEA World Ocean Day Celebrations – Join us!

President’s Letter

I hope this finds you well during this challenging time. Despite the pandemic, we’ve been busy at GOMMEA, holding virtual meetings and planning ways to keep our members connected.

We’re planning some events in the coming months, including some virtual happy hours for GOMMEA members! I’m looking forward to World Ocean Day this Monday, June 8 and hope we all get a chance to spend time outdoors, even if it can’t be in or on the ocean.

Please consider joining us! As a member, you’ll receive the full version of this newsletter, and first notice of upcoming events. Plus, you’ll be supporting our mission of helping our members connect people to the Gulf of Maine through education and experiences.

Have a safe, healthy summer!


Jen Kennedy
GOMMEA President

What’s inside the June 2020 Newsletter?

⭐ World Ocean Day Celebration Events
⭐ Gulf of Maine Site Spotlight: Odiorne State Park, NH
⭐ GOMMEA Member Highlight: Anna Dibble, Eco Artist
⭐ Business Member Spotlight: Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve
⭐ A full list of events happening around the Gulf of Maine, including
⭐ Save the Date for the GOMMEA Annual Meeting October 23

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April 2020 News: Earth Day Explorations – and other awesome resources

President’s Letter

Well, it’s not your average Earth Day. One thing that’s been gratifying to me in all this is seeing so many people outside. We’re taking this collective breath to appreciate the environment and what it offers. Our GOMMEA board members are no exception. They’ve been working on fun virtual content (along with wrapping up some winter travels), and we’re proud to share this with you. As a reminder, our full newsletter, along with all its resources, will be available to you if you become a GOMMEA member (memberships start at just $10 for students!) Click here to become a member – once you sign up we’ll send you the full member newsletter.

It’s also Citizen Science month! Check out the articles and events below to participate as a citizen science in your own backyard.

If you haven’t heard the big news – the NMEA annual conference has been postponed until July 2021. Because of all the uncertainty in the world, we’ve also postponed drawing a winner for our NMEA conference raffle until our annual meeting this fall. But that is good news! You still have time to enter by becoming a member: CLICK HERE to sign up! (what better way to celebrate Earth Day than become a member of GOMMEA?!)

Hope you are safe and well – please reach out and let us know how we can help you!

Jen Kennedy
GOMMEA President

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GOMMEA February Event: Climate Fiction for Climate Change Education

Climate Fiction for Climate Change Education will he held in Yarmouth, Maine on Monday, Feb 24th at 6:00 PM (weather date Tuesday, Feb 25th). Cost: FREE!


Join GOMMEA for an evening with Yarmouth’s very own author Charlene D’Avanzo, who dedicates her series to scientists struggling to understand climate change. She will explain how climate fiction helps readers understand the science and politics behind the imminent climate crisis. D’Avanzo describes her journey from marine ecologist and college professor to author of the Maine Oceanographer Mara Tusconi mystery series. Click here to read more about Charlene’s story. 

Tea and cocoa will be provided. Yarmouth Community House, 179 East Main Street. Cost is FREE, but registration is required. Click here to register.   

Modeling Change Event

GOMMEA’s next event is just around the corner on Monday, December 9th, 5:30-7:00pm at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. “Modeling Change,” the Cohen Center’s newest LabVenture program, will be shared in a free, private event. We are pleased to share this opportunity with the Maine Environmental Education Association (MEEA). Together we are making a difference throughout the state and the Gulf of Maine!

Our December 9th event is free, but not open to the public; you must pre-register here.

From Gulf of Maine Research Institute and LabVenture: 

Over the last decade, our LabVenture program has provided hands-on science learning to over 150,000 Maine middle schoolers. During that time, these students’ parents and other adults have always asked, “When can I do LabVenture?!”

For the first time, we’re rolling out a LabVenture experience specifically developed for the public. Modeling Change is a 90-minute exploration of past and future ecosystem change in the Gulf of Maine. Guests will look forward and back at the impacts of ocean warming in our bioregion through the lens of two key species: lobsters and black sea bass.

Ecosystem modeling is a way for us to understand the relationships between species and their environment, and help us to project what the Gulf of Maine will look like in the future. Guests will get to experience the power of this approach first-hand.

In addition to the state-of-the-art technology in our Cohen Center for Interactive Learning, the event will also include a facilitated discussion with our program staff.

GOMMEA Annual Meeting 2019

Join us for our annual meeting that will feature Walt Golet speaking about Tuna on November 14 from 5:30 – 8:00 pm at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, Maine. Registration is required and cost is only $35 per person. Registration includes GOMMEA membership through 2020, heavy hors d’oeuvres, 2 drink tickets, and hearing all about the MYSTERIES OF THE MIGRATORS: HOW SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY UNLOCK THE SECRET LIVES OF FISH.

Walt Golet, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor, University of Maine’s School of Marine Sciences | Research Scientist, Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Tunas, billfish and sharks are some of the most fascinating animals on the planet. These creatures are Highly Migratory Species (HMS) which means they cross ocean basins, elevate their internal body temperature, swim to depths in excess of 5,000 feet within minutes and navigate with the precision of a GPS. Walt works with a network of commercial and recreational fishermen that provide him with information on and samples from the fish that they catch. Walt’s lab then analyzes the data to better understand their life history. This information also informs stock assessment models which may reduce uncertainty in their current and future projections.

Mark your calendar for November 14 from 5:30 – 8:00 pm for the 2019 GOMMEA Annual Meeting at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, Maine to hear more! Registration is required, see below.


Tickets are required for entry. Registration includes GOMMEA membership through 2020, heavy hors d’oeuvres, 2 drink tickets, and hearing all about the MYSTERIES OF THE MIGRATORS: HOW SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY UNLOCK THE SECRET LIVES OF FISH. 

Cost: $35 per person

To register, please complete your ticket purchase below.

Admission to GOMMEA Annual Meeting on 11/14/19 at GMRI35.00 USDTicket includes admission for one to event and reception, GOMMEA membership through December 31, 2020, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and 2 drink tickets.
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your email address.