Summer/Fall 2021: Gulf of Maine EcoArts Project

Gulf of Maine EcoArts: Current Project

The first Gulf of Maine EcoArts project  is a multi-year art/science/educational initiative that focuses on the changes in biodiversity in the Gulf due to climate change and other human impact.

Making art, and out of the activity of making art, awakening a sense of connection–to the teeming life in the Gulf of Maine, to the science and the scientists who are busy seeking ways to sustain that life, to the students, teachers, climate activists, and fellow artists who are collectively inviting us to take up our destiny as stewards—this is what the project is all about.

Goals: To promote stewardship and awareness by reconnecting people with the natural world – to our neighbors in the Gulf of Maine. We are all related to and connected with each other.  We are the Wild.

The central piece – a fictional Ecosystem: A 12’x24’x30’ sculpture, film installation featuring a 24 foot North Atlantic Right whale, and a selection of other endangered and threatened marine denizens, will be designed and built by six professional Maine sculptors and filmmakers and about two hundred students ranging from middle-school through college level.

The sculpture will be made with 95% beach debris and recycled, re-purposed materials.

First venue: Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, East Boothbay, Maine – Summer/Fall  2021.