7/19: Wade Institute: My Soda Bottle Ended Up Where? Exploring Plastic Problems and Solutions

A Remote Professional Development Institute for Grades 6-12 Educators

2021 Summer Professional Development Institutes: My Soda Bottle Ended Up Where?

Virtual Sessions July 19-23 (8:30 AM – 1:30 PM EST)
Course includes 5 virtual sessions plus 15 hours of online learning.

Follow the journey of plastics in our environment through themes of chemistry, sustainability, and engineering. Learn why ocean plastics have become an environmental and human health concern in both coastal and inland areas. Investigate how new technologies are being used to reduce plastic waste by turning plastic waste into useful products and providing sustainable options for alternative materials.

  • Discover the origins of plastic waste and plastic debris in your neighborhood.
  • Design prototypes to filter plastic waste out of our waterways and wastewater.
  • Explore materials engineering from a green chemistry perspective.
  • Engage with community-based solutions to plastic problems, including community action and policy changes.
  • Go behind-the-scenes with industry experts to explore innovative solutions to the challenge of recycling plastics.
  • Investigate the various impacts of plastic waste on human health and the environment.